Fruit coulis

The fruit coulis is made up of fruit picked at maturity and finely crushed, to which 20% of sugar is added. It offers all year round availability, food safety and cost control. Coulis differs from fruit purée in its higher sugar content, allowing it to be used directly, and from topping products in its composition and natural taste. Use it to assemble verrine desserts (panacottas for example), for topping of ice creams and sorbets, flavoring yogurts, white cheeses, cheeses, and as a sauce for fruit salads.

Fruit purée

The fruit puree, or fruit pulp, is made from fruits picked at maturity. They are finely crushed and sugar is added (approximately 10%) to delay any oxidation once the puree has defrosted. The purees are used as a substitute for fresh fruit, and offer practicality, time efficiency, food safety, cost control, and consistent quality throughout the year. The puree is “fruit ready for use”, with infinite possibilities, including: ice creams and sorbets, desserts (fruit mousses, round jellies, mousselines, chibousts…), cocktails, fruit juices, smoothies, chocolates (fillings) and confectionery (fruit jellies, marshmallows..), the creation of sweet sauces (coulis) or savoury sauces.

Frozen fruit

Whole frozen fruits are picked at the height of their season from select growers, then flash frozen to ensure an optimal product. No preservatives are added to the frozen fruit: it is frozen in its raw state. It can be used to replace fresh fruit, thus offering practicality, consistency, all year round availability and cost control. Use it for jams and jellies, fruit tarts, fruit salad, pastry decoration, in creamy desserts, like ice cream, mousse, custards and pudding, and in breakfast cereal.